The Kerecis team consists of experienced executives with proven track records in the development of medical device businesses, in clinical development and in the protection of intellectual property. Three of founding team principals were senior executives, clinicians and advisors with Ossur, the world's largest non-invasive orthopaedic company.


Gudmundur Fertram Sigurjonson 3 Kerecis


Gudmundur Fertram Sigurjonsson 

CEO, President and Chairman
  • Former Head of Wound Management at Ossur, world's largest non-invasive orthopedics firm
  • Formerly VP of Business Development at biotec company Keratec (now Keraplast)
  • Former executive positions in Western Europe, South-East Asia, New Zealand and U.S.A.
  • Inventor >30 US patents
  • BS Chemistry University of Iceland, Ms. Eng. Technical University of Denmark

chris bb


Christopher Harte

Chief Operating Officer Americas & Partner Sales

  • Based in Washington DC
  • Global business development, operations and finance
  • 7 years as business expatriate in Eastern Europe, Western Europe, India
  • 25 years business experience
  • MBA from University of South Carolina

Gunnar Johannsson 1 Kerecis

Dr. Gunnar Johannsson M.D.

Head of Medical Affairs

  • Co-founder of sleep correction company Somnify
  • Background and interest in clinical product development
  • Medical Doctor from the University of Iceland's School of Medicine



Dr. Baldur Tumi Baldursson M.D., Ph.D.

Medical Director

  • Chairman of the Dermatology Department of the National University Hospital of Iceland
  • Former President of the Nordic Dermatology Association
  • Former Head of Clinical trials at Ossur
  • Practicing dermatologist for 20 yrs, M.D. for 30 years 

hilmar cut


Dr. Hilmar Kjartansson, M.D.

Medical Director & Director of Strategic Projects
  • Formerly clinical trial advisor at biotech company Keratec (now Keraplast) responsible for designing and running clinical programs and tests
  • Chairman of the Emergency Department of the National University Hospital of Iceland (on leave)
  • Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine specialist



Dora Hlin Gisladottir

VP Regulatory & Quality (on maternity leave)

  • Former laboratory manager of Agar and research associate at Nordic Energy Research
  • Board member of the Ministry of Industries and Innovation’s research-granting committee
  • Chemical engineer Swedish Royal Institute of Technology and UCSB California
gmh 2 2

G. Magnus Hermannsson

VP Regulatory, Quality, Development & Finance

  • Former executive roles in international project management and operations
  • Former team manager at business process engineering company GoPro and system location manager at Alcan Iceland.
  • 20 years project management experience in cross border projects
  • Engineering degree from University of Iceland



Mark Maghie

Director of Strategic Development and Legal Affairs

  • Under construction