Gary Oates

Gary Oates had a three-inch diabetic ulcer on his foot that went almost to the bone. It was so bad that doctors told him they might have to amputate — a terrible prospect. “The thought of me losing my foot just scared the living daylights out of me.”

Fortunately, Gary found Dr. Brittany Wojnicki, a podiatric surgeon at the Paris Clinic Wound Center familiar with the Kerecis Omega3 Wound fish-skin graft for hard-to-heal wounds. The Paris Clinic is part of the Horizon Health network of care facilities in and around Edgar County, Illinois.

Dr. Wojnicki, a new podiatrist, had learned of the healing benefits of Kerecis during her residency. The Kerecis representative in the area, Miranda Grubb was delighted to help her understand the product more and have her start using it. “Dr. Wojnicki is one of my favorite doctors to work with. She really puts her patients first,” said Miranda. “Kerecis was a last-ditch effort to heal Gary and avoid an amputation, and it worked beautifully. Getting to work with amazing doctors, healing difficult wounds and seeing Kerecis change lives is why I love my job.”

“When you look into Kerecis, the fish-skin graft — fish skin and human skin are actually very similar,” explains Dr. Wojnicki. “Wounds get this chronic inflammation in them, and that’s what makes them hard to heal sometimes. The fish is full of Omega3 fatty acids, which decreases a lot of inflammation.” Describing the wounds she´s treated with Kerecis, she adds, “Every single one I´ve used it on just progresses like crazy.”

Dr. Wojnicki was very pleased with how well Gary´s wound healed. “I think we had him healed about a month and a half after we started to use the fish skin.”

And Gary couldn´t have been happier. “The results are perfect,” he says. “My foot is completely healed.”