From the Pure Waters of Iceland


Kerecis produces tissue-based, skin-substitute products for use in surgery and for treating wounds. Compared to other tissue-transplant products, the KerecisTM Omega3 fish skin is cost-effective, offers improved clinical performance and has no known disease transfer to humans. It has no cultural constraints on usage.

The FDA has approved Kerecis™ Omega3 SecureMesh as a surgical buttress in the United States. The product can be used in lung, bariatric, gastric, colorectal and other surgeries. Other products mentioned below are under development and not yet regulatory cleared.

Surgical use – Globally millions of operations are performed annually for dura repair and breast reconstruction. Usually synthetic mesh products provide reinforcement in such operations. The unique Kerecis reconstruction material provides strong repair hold and is revascularized and gradually replaced by the patient’s own tissue, decreasing postoperative complications due to rejection of synthetic mesh.

Kerecis™ Omega3 Pectus is the ideal surgical sling for breast reconstruction, facilitating better healing. The firm, stretchable Kerecis™ Omega3 Pectus acts as a framework that the patient’s own cells can repopulate and revascularize, allowing progressive integration of the implant by the newly formed fibrous, connective tissue. There is minimal risk of inflammation and, when fully absorbed, the Kerecis™ Omega3 Pectus leaves no foreign body in-situ. Kerecis™ Omega3 Pectus supports the gel breast implant and maintains the breast’s aesthetics, including the inframammary fold, ptosis, and projection.

Kerecis™ Omega3 SecureMesh can be used in lung, bariatric, gastric, colorectal, and other surgeries. Surgical staplers are commonly used during laparoscopic operations to simultaneously cut organs and staple the resulting organ wound closed. The Kerecis™ Omega3 fish-skin product can strengthen the staple line and reduce the possibility of leakage. The Kerecis Omega3 material recruits the body’s cells from the tissue surrounding the organ cut. Scientific studies have shown that cells and stem cells proliferate faster in fish skin structure than in mammalian-sourced materials such as pericardium tissue.

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The information presented is intended to demonstrate the Kerecis product offerings. A surgeon must always refer to the package insert, product label and/or instructions for use before using any Kerecis product. Products may not be available in all markets because product availability is subject to the regulatory and/or medical practices in individual markets. Please contact your Kerecis representative if you have questions about the availability of Kerecis products in your area.