Kerecis fish skin for tissue regeneration products are created using North Atlantic Cod from the Artic Waters of Iceland. This fish skin doesn’t transmit viruses to humans and is gently processed to maintain the natural structure of proteins and fatty acids homologous to human skin. Fish skin is also rich in Omega3 fatty acids.  There are 3 main products available on the Market Today:

  1. Kerecis Omega3 Wound

  2. Kerecis Omega3 Burn

  3. Kerecis Omega3 Vet

Kerecis® Omega3 Wound

Kerecis produces tissue-based, skin-substitute products for use in surgery and for treating wounds. Compared to other tissue-transplant products, the Kerecis® Omega3 fish skin is cost-effective, offers improved clinical performance, reduces the risk of disease transfer, and has no cultural constraints on usage.

Kerecis® Omega3 Wound is a variation of the Kerecis® Omega3 fish-skin transplantation technology, especially designed to be transplanted into damaged tissue such as in chronic wounds. Clinical tests have been completed and the product is available in multiple markets worldwide, including the United States.

Wound treatment – The patented Kerecis® Omega3 technology uses intact fish skin to repair tissue damage. The company’s Omega3 transplantation technology is used to reconstruct the skin in burn wounds, chronic wounds, and other applications.

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