American College of Surgeons | Clinical Congress 2022

October 16th – October 20th 2022

The American College of Surgeons (ACS) is an organization that for more than 100 years has provided education and research to help improve the field of surgery and the surgeons who practice it. The mission of the college is to improve patient care in The United States. Another goal is to create networking opportunities for surgeons, support information sharing, and innovation in medical education.

The Clinical Congress of the ACS is held in San Diego. At the congress, there will be a massive amount of workshops, panels, and lectures to attend. These activities will pertain to a vast array of both clinical and non-clinical topics. There will also be many opportunities for attendees to meet with and discuss industry leaders, who are showing their latest and most innovative products.

Kerecis Participation

Connect with us at booth number 536 at the ACS Clinical Congress to experience how we are transforming fish-skin into life-saving medical treatment.

111 W Harbor Dr
San Diego
United States

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