From the Pure Waters of Iceland

Intact Fish Skin Grafts for Tissue Regeneration


Kerecis SurgiBind is intact fish-skin mesh intended for surgical implantation in plastic and reconstructive surgery. The product can be used to reinforce soft tissue where weakness exists.

The Kerecis fish-skin mesh contains fat, protein, elastin, glycans and other natural tissue elements and are supplied in multiple shapes, variants and sizes.

The product classifies as a medical device and consist of a full thickness fish-skin that has been processed using Kerecis’ proprietary EnviroIntact™ method. The product is not subject to the May 31, 2021, FDA 351 regulation.


  • For implantation to reinforce soft tissue where weakness exists, in patients requiring soft tissue repair, or reinforcement in plastic or reconstructive surgery.
Variation Catalog Number Description
50241S02D0D 50241S02D2D 50241S03D0D 50241S03D2D 50241S09D0D 50241S09D2D 50241S10D0D 50241S10D2D 50241S19D0D 50241S19D2D 50241S21D0D 50241S21D2D 50241S23D0D 50241S23D2D 50241S24D0D 50241S24D2D
The intact fish-skin mesh in various sizes
50241G02D0D 50241G02D2D 50241G03D0D 50241G03D2D 50241G09D0D 50241G09D2D 50241G10D0D 50241G10D2D 50241G19D0D 50241G19D2D 50241G21D0D 50241G21D2D 50241G23D0D 50241G23D2D 50241G24D0D 50241G24D2D
Intact fish-skin graft fenestrated to allow for easier flow through of liquids.


The product derives from a from a fish source and should not be used in patients with a known allergy to fish or sensitivity. Note that fish-allergy is not the same as shellfish-allergy.

The product is not indicated for repairs where load bearing support from the mesh is required such as in the repair of any hernia. The device is not indicated for intraperitoneal organ contact.  The device is not indicated for bridging effects.


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