MariCell ™ FOOTGUARD ™

About The Product:

MariCell ™ FOOTGUARD ™ is a topical dermatology product indicated for the treatment of the outermost layers of the skin, on thick skin, calluses and cracked heels. 

What FOOTGUARD ™ Does:

  • Treats and prevents calluses
  • Removes dead skin on feet
  • Prevents build up of dead skin
  • Hydrates the outermost layers of the skin


  • Thick skin on feet
  • Callosities on feet
  • Cracked skin on heels (without sores)
  • The diabetic foot (with the above conditions)
Maricell Footguard

Product Overview:

  • Dermatological grade glycolic acid exfoliates dead skin cells from the
  • outer most layer of the skin
  • Carbamide hydrates the outermost layers of the skin

Medical Skin Technology:

The outermost layer of the skin consists of 15 to 20 layers of dead cells that have dried out and died. This is the corneal layer of the skin. Between the dried cells is the intercellular substance, which is rich in fatty acids that keep the structure intact and watertight.

In the case of extreme skin dryness, the corneal layer of the skin loses the fatty acids, dries out, and no longer protects the living cells below. This causes skin tightness, inflammation, itching, and callus formation that can become cracked and painful.

Maricell™ Footguard™ triple action formula removes dead skin from the feet and hydrates remaining skin to prevent build up of dead skin (calluses) again.

Day 1 vs Day 17

Day 1 vs Day 19