Who We Are

From the town of Isafjordur in northwest Iceland, Kerecis develops, manufactures, and sells patented fish-skin soft tissue regeneration products that have regulatory approval in the United States, Europe and several other jurisdictions. We provide our customers with innovative digital tools for managing their business that include the use artificial intelligence (AI) to support insurance billing.

We have regional headquarters in the United States, Iceland, and Germany with 525 employees including a 230-person US salesforce.

Kerecis is part of Coloplast A/S.


Kerecis currently operates and has developed product portfolios based on approved indications in the Surgical (SurgiClose/SurgiBind), breach skin (MariGen), and Burn (GraftGuide) segments. The Kerecis products classify as medical devices.

Products are available in sheets that are either solid, fenestrated or meshed. Micro is intact fish skin that we fragment into tiny particles that can be rehydrated and inserted or poured directly into wounds that are complex or irregular.

Kerecis is actively working on expanding its portfolio within the segments the company already operates in. Development projects are underway with both new products within the existing segments as well as with products that address new segments such as oral surgery and breast reconstruction.

Kerecis Products


We provide our customers with tools for managing their business with Kerecis real time. The Kerecis Current application and artificial intelligence (AI) allows for secure submission and monitoring of insurance verification and billing support cases, orders and key clinical literature. This way, less time spent on the phone, faxes or legacy systems. Likewise our Workspace application gives the sales force real-time access to the company’s various tools, increasing productivity.