Charitable Use

Kerecis Care

Kerecis’ values are Compassion, Integrity, and Curiosity. In alignment with these values, Kerecis operates a charitable program for use of its products. The program is two-fold, where not only donated products are offered to areas in which Kerecis operates a sales force, but also structured programs/missions within lower-income countries of the world are being run. 

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Cairo Project

This project is run in collaboration with the Ministry for Foreign affairs in Iceland and a Charity Hospital in Cairo, led by Professor Moiemen. The aim of this project is to help set up and provide advanced pediatric burn wound management to patients at the hospital. 

Kabul Project

Kerecis is working with the University of Zurich, Switzerland, to provide Kerecis products to the Indira Gandhi pediatric burn unit in Kabul, Afghanistan. This project is being led by both Professor Schiestl, from the University of Zurich, and Dr. Habib, from the Indira Gandhi burn unit. The project also involves collaboration with the International Red Cross, Mannheim Hospital in Germany, and the Swiss Cross. 

Various Non-profit Organizations

Kerecis has partnered with several established Non-profit Organizations (NGOs) possessing a long track record in advancing burn care and reconstructive surgery in low-income countries. Kerecis support to missions conducted by those NGOs ranges from product donation and Kerecis staff participation over to providing financial support.

Burn unit in Indira Ghandi childrens hospital in Afghanistan