Charitable Use

Healing Beyond Borders

Kerecis' Compassion in Action

At Kerecis, our passion for healing extends beyond borders and circumstances. We are committed to showcasing our care for societies by donating our products, expertise, funding, and know-how to charitable causes worldwide. Our goal is to train doctors and physicians in using our products, demonstrating that patients can receive first-class services and results, even in the most challenging situations.

Global Impact Projects

Our charitable projects span the globe, addressing critical needs in various regions:

Wildfire Victims

We have supported the treatment of wildfire victims in the US, New Zealand, and Hawaii, providing essential care during natural disasters.

Children Burn Victims

In Afghanistan, we have focused on treating pediatric burn victims, offering specialized care to the most vulnerable.

Combat Zones

Kerecis has been instrumental in treating wounds in conflict areas such as Nagorno-Karabakh and Ukraine, ensuring timely and effective wound care for those affected by warfare.

Surgeries and Training

Kerecis employees have repeatedly participated in humanitarian missions in Ghana in their own time, performed various surgeries using Kerecis products, and trained local surgeons, leaving behind resources to continue the healing process.

Transforming Burn Treatment for Afghan Children

Burn accidents among children are a significant concern in Afghanistan, where unintentional injuries, including burns, are a leading cause of death and disability. The harsh living conditions, lack of safety measures, and inadequate healthcare infrastructure contribute to the high incidence of such injuries.

In a country where many families live in poverty and face daily hardships, children are particularly vulnerable. The ongoing humanitarian crisis, characterized by conflict, economic instability, and natural disasters, exacerbates these risks. Many homes use open flames for cooking and heating, increasing the likelihood of burns, especially among young children who are often left unattended. Kerecis collaborates with the University of Zurich, Switzerland, to provide critical burn treatment for children at the Indira Gandhi pediatric burn unit in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Additionally, Kerecis collaborates with the International Red Cross, Mannheim Hospital in Germany, the Swiss Red Cross, and the Icelandic Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 2019, Jarmila Štuková, a renowned Czech photographer and documentary filmmaker, visited the Indira Gandhi Hospital to document the challenges faced by the children of Kabul and the dedicated local doctors treating them. Her powerful images highlight these young patients’ harsh realities and resilience, bringing global attention to their plight and the critical need for improved healthcare solutions.

Advanced Wound Care in the Heart of Conflict

The 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh war, a significant armed conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia, resulted in numerous casualties and severe injuries. Among the most challenging to treat were large-area full-thickness burns and blast injuries, which required urgent and effective medical interventions to prevent long-term complications and loss of life and limb.

In response to this critical need, Kerecis deployed its innovative fish skin graft (FSG) technology, a biologic acellular matrix derived from the skin of wild-caught Atlantic cod. This advanced treatment stabilized and improved wound beds, facilitating faster granulation and allowing for earlier skin grafting. The primary goal was to reduce the necessity for extensive surgeries and enhance cosmetic outcomes upon healing.

Dr. H. Kjartansson, one of Kerecis’ founding members, played a pivotal role in implementing this project. The successful use of fish skin grafts in this austere environment demonstrated its portability and effectiveness in treating severe wounds under challenging conditions. This initiative not only provided immediate relief to the injured but also showcased the potential of Kerecis’ products to make a significant impact in conflict zones around the world.

Wildfire Response Across the Globe

Wildfires pose a significant threat, often resulting in severe burn injuries that require immediate and specialized care. Kerecis has actively supported treating wildfire victims in various regions, including the US, New Zealand, and Hawaii, donating products and providing training. Our mission is to provide rapid and effective wound care solutions to those affected by these devastating natural disasters.

Kerecis fish skin has proven to be a vital tool in treating burn wounds caused by wildfires. By accelerating granulation and promoting faster recovery, Kerecis reduces the long-term impact of burn injuries and improves patients’ overall quality of life.

Kerecis has collaborated with local healthcare providers and emergency response teams in wildfire-affected areas to deliver our products and expertise. Through our efforts, Kerecis has significantly impacted the lives of wildfire victims, demonstrating our dedication to providing top-tier medical care in times of crisis.

Join Our Mission to Heal

Kerecis is committed to walking the walk in humanitarian aid. Our projects and partnerships worldwide showcase our dedication to providing top-tier medical care and training, no matter the circumstances. Join us in our mission to heal and make a lasting impact globally.

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