Wound Spray

Wound Spray is an all-in-one wound healing product, specially formulated from a synergistically acting fatty acids.

Wound Spray is suitable for the self-treatment of abrasions, cuts, burns, non-healing wounds and skin defects associated with different types of skin disorders.

Wound Spray is a 100% natural, preservative-free product enabling a non-toxic, painless non-touch application.

Mode of Action

Moist Wound Environment

The oil film creates a moist environment, thus promoting cell proliferation and activating physiological wound healing.

Antimicrobial Effect

Fatty acids in the oil film enable an antimicrobial effect without cytotoxic side effects that may inhabit wound healing.

Skin Regeneration

The oil film and its fatty acids promote the regeneration of the epidermis and therefore  healthy scarring.

Painless Dressing Change

The oil film prevents the secondary dressing from adhering to the wound, thus enabling easy and painless dressing changes


Shake well before use.

Spray Wound in two layers directly onto the affected skin area from a distance of 5-10 cm. A clear oil film must be visible. Let the oil layer settle for one minute.

If necessary, cover the affected skin area with a bandage or a non-woven gauze held in place with a bandage. Wound Spray can also be used without covering the wound.

Repeat the application every 24 hours until wound closure. If necessary, apply Wound Spray several times per day.


Wound Spray is a treatment for abrasions, cuts, burns, non-healing wounds as well as skin defects associated with different types of skin disorders.