Current is designed for you to improve patient care with real-time access to Kerecis.

  • Online Ordering Capability
  • Real-Time Access to all information
  • Faster Benefit Investigation Turnaround Time
  • Rapid Reimbursement and Order Administration
  • Online Electronic Payment Capability

Order Management

  • Seamlessly place product orders online, eliminating manual paperwork and saving valuable time.
  • Gain real-time visibility into your orders, allowing you to monitor and track their progress effortlessly.
  • Access your complete order history and view current orders, providing an organized overview.
  • Conveniently view and pay outstanding balances directly through the application.
  • Instantly access and download invoices for your records, ensuring efficient financial management.
Kerecis Literature

Customer Support

• Access a wealth of valuable resources, such as Kerecis literature, case studies, and application guides, all in one place.

• Stay updated with the latest advancements and industry insights through our comprehensive support system.



• Submit Benefit Investigations (BI) easily, minimizing errors and ensuring accurate data submission.

• Experience real-time tracking and monitoring of the BI approval process, providing instant visibility into results.

• Leverage our state-of-the-art AI technology for efficient and accurate review and immediate approval of BI requests.

Benefit Investigations

The Kerecis Current has streamlined our process... We can now get real-time updates on B.I.s and we have instant access and visibility to invoices when reconciling reimbursement payments.  It allows us to avoid delays if our rep is out of pocket. 

- Felisa Vasquez, South Texas

Skin Cancer Center

The Kerecis Current has allowed us to get faster response times and access patient insurance verifications more efficiently. This has saved us an incredible amount of time. 

- Katherine Rodriguez, Insurance Verification Specialist,


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