Aurora Awards | 23. & 24. February 2023  | Reykjavik, Iceland 


Attend the exclusive workshop where you learn how to land the most elusive outpatient- and lower extremity surgery wounds. You can secure your spot by participating in the Aurora Awards case study competition and share your clinical experience using fish skin grafts. 

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Northern Lights
Wound Workshop


Meet in the International Hub for Innovation and Sustainability

Over the past several years, Iceland has emerged as a vibrant center for medical and scientific innovation, with Kerecis at the forefront in the area of wound healing and tissue repair.

Northern Lights Wound Workshop is the leading scientific workshop for advancing the knowledge of the utility of fish skin grafts for management of chronic wounds and lower extremity injuries. Participation and exchange of ideas is fostered between all attendees in an exclusive small capacity event where all attendees get to present their findings.

  • All attendees are active participants and have an opportunity to share their findings.
  • Registration and eligibility is determined through abstract submission – Aurora Awards.
  • Blinded panel of judges rank abstracts based on scientific value, novelty and clinical relevance.

Join us next February during the height of Auroras in Reykjavik, Iceland.  

Registration Process

1. Register

Start with signing up for the Northern Lights workshop to secure your seat. Please note that a limited number of seats are available, so we recommend registering today.

2. Submit Abstract

If eligible, you will receive an email with information on how to submit your relevant case abstract. The deadline for submission is November 23rd, 2022. Please note your case will be reviewed by the Medical Affairs Team after submission to ensure this is a complete and relevant case to present at the workshop.

3. Workshop Details

Each abstract submission will be blindly reviewed by the panel of judges who are experts in clinical practice in the field of wound healing. Winning cases will be announced on December 5th, 2022, and will be granted an invitation to the Northern Lights Workshop.

Who Should Attend?

The Northern Lights Wound Workshop is focused on connecting peers of providers with focus on the clinical application of fish skin grafts.

Attendance Eligibility

Relevant specialty and procedures

Kerecis only covers the costs of attendees that have relevant and legitimate benefits from attending the program.
Is the treatment of the following relevant to your practice:

  • Chronic Wounds (DFU, VLU, Pressure ulcers etc)
  • Atypical ulcers
  • Post-Mohs wounds
  • Outpatient wound care
  • Foot and ankle surgery

Attendees are required to provide active participation in the full symposium, discussions, and active feedback in the form of answering follow-up questions. 

Standard fare air travel, meals, and lodging are covered by Kerecis for attendees for the duration of the workshop. Travel has to be booked by Kerecis; self-booked travel arrangements will not be reimbursed. Kerecis does not pay for family members and/or spouses. Government employees are not eligible to participate in this event without prior written approval.  

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Register Today

Northern Lights Wound Workshop | 23. & 24. February 2023  | Reykjavik, Iceland 

*Registration and eligibility is determined through abstract submissions.

Registration Process – Aurora Awards

Registration to the exclusive event is by abstract submission only. All participants must submit an abstract for evaluation.

The top 4 scoring abstract submissions will be awarded the “Aurora Awards” and will present their findings on the main stage

eligible top 30 scoring abstracts will win a registration to the event and will present their findings during the workshop.

Registration for Northern Lights 2023 Now Open!

Submission window: October 21st – November 23rd, 2022

Grand Prize winners (4): Present their cases on Thursday in the main session

Northern lights Prize winners (30): Present their cases on Friday during the workshop

Resident awards (5): Educational grant to attend a national conference in home country 

Review Process

Review Committee

Aurora Awards: Outpatient Wound and Lower Extremity Surgery

Case Series will be blindly reviewed by an external review committee.
Notifications of decisions for Outpatient wound and Lower extremity by December 2022.


Dr. Mark Suski


Dr. Patrick McEneaney

Courtney Aldridge PA-C

The Northern Lights Wound Workshop


The Northern Lights Workshop Wound is a two day event. Air travel*, meals and lodging for those two nights are covered by Kerecis for participating attendees. On the interactive workshop each participant shares their experience and best practices on using the the fish skin.

* Please note that Kerecis will not reimburse flights. Flights must be booked through our travel agent. 

Fertram Sigurjonsson
Founder and CEO

Preliminary Agenda



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06:00 AM – 08:00 AM
Arrival for travelers from United States

01:00 PM
Scientific Session at Harpa

06:00 PM
End of Scientific Session

07:00 PM
Dinner and Refreshments



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12:15 PM

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Dinner and 



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Buses from Hotel to the Airport