Keep your Eyes Peeled for the Icelandic Yule Lads this Holiday Season!

Icelandic Yule Lads visit homes in the middle of every night between December 12 and 24, bringing small gifts for the kids.

Starting today, Kerecis presents an essential guide to keep you up to speed on these mischievous Icelandic house guests! Here are the next few days worth of Lads that may stop by your house.

Dec 12th – Stekkjastaur (Sheep-Cote-Clod): Harasses Sheep, impaired by his stiff peg-leg

Dec 13th – Giljagaur (Gully Gawk): Hides in gullies, waiting for an opportunity to sneak into the cowshed and steal milk

Dec 14th – Stúfur (Stubby): Abnormally short, steals pans to eat the crust left on them

Dec 15th – Þvörusleikir (Spoon-Licker): Very thin and hungry steals spoons to lick clean