The Kerecis Beach Cleanup Initiative

Beach Clean up initiative

Kerecis products originate from sustainably harvested fishing stocks in Icelandic waters. We place significant importance on ocean conservation, the future of the Arctic and continued sustainable use of Arctic and marine resources. For over 25 years, The Blue Army, an esteemed NGO, founded by Tomas J. Knutsson, has been at the forefront of environmental conservation in Iceland. With an unwavering commitment to preserving the pristine beauty of Icelandic nature, they have made remarkable strides in waste removal and community engagement. One of their significant accomplishments is the removal of over 1550 metric tons of trash from Icelandic nature.


On April 27, 2023, a team of employees in the Kerecis Reykjavik office partnered with the Blue Army for a beach cleanup. We’re proud to share that we collected 700 kg of marine debris and net haulers from the beach!


As Kerecis products are sourced from the Ocean, we’re committed to playing our part in marine conservation, and are grateful for partners like the Blue Army who share our commitment and enable us to take part in an activity that leaves an enduring impact.