Diabetic Foot Conference 2022 | Annual conference of the American Limb Preservation Society

Annual Conference of the American Limb Preservation Society | DFCon 2022

September 29th – October 1st 2022

This Diabetic Foot Conference (DFCon) is the annual meeting of the American Limb Preservation Society (ALPS). The goal of the society is to eliminate preventable limb amputations inside of the next generation. One of the ways that this will occur is by the society promoting interdisciplinary teams that advance and improve resources for reducing the number of preventable amputations.

The conference will consist of speakers whose goal is continuing the education of physicians in the field of diabetic foot injuries. Another aspect of the conference is the ability for medical professionals to meet and discuss with one another. There will also be time for some industry leaders who are showcasing their products.

555 Universal Hollywood Drive
Universal City
United States

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Kerecis at DFCon 2019
Kerecis at DFCon in 2019