Plastic Surgery | The Meeting 2022

October 27th – October 30th 2022

This conference is being hosted by several societies for plastic surgeons who all aim to further research in plastic surgery by encouraging further education in the ever-changing and dynamic field. One example of this is the American Society of Plastic Surgeons which aims to raise the quality and patient safety when it relates to plastic surgery. This is done by requiring all plastic surgery facilities to pass a very rigorous testing regimen.

Plastic Surgery, the Meeting (PSTM) is a chance for plastic surgeons from all subfields to meet and discuss the nature of their field. The conference will be split into several tracks that each have their own events and networking opportunities, such as the “Aesthetic Track” or the “Reconstructive Track”. There will also be opportunities for attendees to meet with and talk to industry leaders.

415 Summer St
United States

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