We Encourage you to Keep Your Eyes Peeled as More Yule Lads are Coming for the Next Few Days!

Yule Lads bring treats and leave them in children’s shoes but they also love to get their hands on Icelandic food and valuable products like Kerecis Omega3 . We encourage you to keep your eyes peeled as more Yule Lads are coming for the next few days!

Icelandic Yule Lads visit homes in the middle of every night between December 12 and 24, bringing small gifts for the kids.

Dec 20 – Bjúgnakrækir (Sausage-Swiper) Hides in the rafters and snatches sausages that are being smoked.

Dec 21 – Gluggagægir (Window-Peeper) A voyeur who looks through windows in search of things to steal.

Dec 22 – Gáttaþefur (Doorway-Sniffer) Has an abnormally large nose and acute sense of smell, which he uses to find holiday treats.

Dec 23 – Ketkrókur (Meat-Hook) Uses a hook to steal meat

Dec 24 – Kertasníkir (Candle-Stealer) Follows children and steals their candles.