Kerecis Soars to Fourth Place in CSR Survey, Setting New Benchmarks


Kerecis achieved a remarkable fourth place in an annual survey on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts of 66 Icelandic companies. The results of a study conducted by EMC Research are a testament to Kerecis’s unwavering commitment to CSR and a clear indication of its positive impact on the Icelandic community.  

Maintaining a strong image among the general public in Iceland is a source of pride for Kerecis. However, the survey outcomes reveal notable trends in Kerecis’s CSR perception. Men tend to rate Kerecis more favorably than women, suggesting an opportunity for enhanced engagement with female stakeholders. Additionally, Kerecis receives significantly higher CSR ratings from respondents in rural areas, possibly due to the company’s strong commitment to local communities, including its involvement in the Westfjords infrastructure issues and the impact of the Coloplast acquisition. Younger generations consistently rank Kerecis higher in CSR practices, aligning well with their values. Higher-income groups also tend to rate Kerecis more positively in CSR, likely influenced by the company’s financial success, enabling substantial investments in social responsibility initiatives. Remarkably, Kerecis is part of a group of high-tech companies that consistently achieve high CSR rankings, showcasing the potential for positive change in the modern business landscape through the combination of technological innovation and corporate social responsibility.  


CSR Survey

As Kerecis reflects on these survey findings, it is clear that the journey toward CSR excellence is far from over. The company remains committed to elevating its CSR efforts across all facets of its operation. With the knowledge gained from this survey, Kerecis is poised to enhance its outreach to diverse demographics, ensuring that its positive impact is felt by all members of the Icelandic community. As it continues to grow and innovate, Kerecis is dedicated to setting new benchmarks in corporate social responsibility, ultimately contributing to a brighter and more sustainable future for Iceland.