Kerecis to Donate FDA-Approved Fish-Skin for Burn Victims of Maui Wildfires

Maui, Hawaii Wildfires

Arlington, VA and Reykjavik, Iceland—August 14, 2023—Kerecis®, the company pioneering the use of fish-skin and fatty acids for tissue regeneration and protection, is donating its GraftGuide® fish-skin burn product for victims of the fires on Maui, Hawaii. Qualified medical personnel wanting to get fish-skin burn treatment products for their patients should call 703-287-8752 or email Kerecis is dispatching a specialist to train doctors who would be using the product for the first time.

“Severe burns are life-threatening and extremely painful,” said Fertram Sigurjonsson, founder and CEO of Kerecis. “We want to help burn victims heal as quickly and fully as possible. We are contacting medical facilities in Maui, and we encourage medical professionals to contact us to get Kerecis GraftGuide fish skin for their patients.”

Kerecis had previously donated its burn products for victims of both the California wildfires in 2020 and the volcanico eruption on White Island in New Zealand in 2019.

About the Kerecis GraftGuide Fish Skin

The GraftGuide product line is intact fish skin that addresses the challenges of burn healing. The products are available in multiple sizes and forms. GraftGuide Standard is meshed fish skin, available in sheets of 250 cm2 (38 square inches) and 300 cm(46 square inches). GraftGuide Micro is intact fish skin divided into fragments, which mold into wound beds. And GraftGuide Mano is intact fish skin designed to fit the shape of the hand.

About Kerecis

Kerecis develops products from fish skin and fatty acids for cellular therapy, tissue regeneration and protection. When grafted onto damaged human tissue or implanted, the patented material supports the body’s own processes to heal and regenerate. Because no disease-transfer risk exists between cold-water fish and humans, the Kerecis fish skin is only gently processed and retains its similarity to human tissue. The gentle processing preserves the skin’s original three-dimensional structure, maintaining its inherent natural strength, complexity and molecules (such as fatty acids). Clinical studies have found that the Kerecis products heal wounds faster than competing products. Kerecis is the only approved manufacturer of medical devices containing intact fish skin globally.