Northern Lights Wound Workshop

Reykjavik, Iceland, September 19-20, 2019

Medicine and Science under the Northern Lights

Iceland has emerged as a vibrant center for medical and scientific innovation, with Kerecis at the forefront in the area of wound healing and tissue repair.

Kerecis hosts the Northern Lights Wound Workshop twice yearly in Reykjavik to explore highly technical details and new developments of our unique technology. Please note that the event is by invitation only. Past events have been chaired by leaders in the wound care field, such as Dr. David Armstrong, Dr. Robert Kirsner, Dr. John C. Lantis, Dr. Karl Stark and Dr. David Margolis. Noted dignitaries such as President Gudni Th. Johannesson of Iceland, former President Olafur Grimsson and Admiral Matthias Winter of the United States Navy have also addressed the conference.

The Winter Workshop of 2019 was chaired by Dr. John C. Lantis II, MD, FACS, of Mount Sinai Hospital in New York . At the event, President Gudni Th. Johannesson of Iceland awarded the winners of the first Aurora Awards – Kerecis’ Case Study Competition.


PLEASE NOTE: Standard fare air travel, meals and lodging are covered by Kerecis for invited doctors and medical professionals for the duration of the workshop. Travel has to be booked by Kerecis; self-made travel arrangements will not be reimbursed. Kerecis does not pay for family members and/or spouses. However, we can assist in their travel arrangements. We’ll do our best to accommodate their needs, and assist them in scheduling sightseeing and experiencing Iceland. For those interested in extending their stay in Iceland, we will also be happy to assist you with arrangements. VA employees are not eligble to participate in this event.

Air travel

The Northern Lights Wound Workshop is a two day event by invitation only. Air travel*, meals and lodging for those two nights are covered by Kerecis for participating doctors and medical professionals.** On the interactive workshop each participant shares their experience and best practices on using the the fish skin. Extracurricular activities are organized on the afternoon of the second day.

* Please note that Kerecis will not reimburse flights. Flights must be booked through our travel agent. 
** Please note the VA employees are not eligble to participate in the event. 

G. Fertram Sigurjonsson, CEO

G. Fertram Sigurjonsson, CEO

The event is by invitation only

Please give us your contact information and let us know if you will be travelling with a spouse or family members, when you will be arriving and departing, if you want us to provide transport etc.