Our Heart Beats With The Local Community

Kerecis Vestri

Kerecis proudly announces its role as the main sponsor of Vestri Football Club in Ísafjörður, solidifying a significant collaboration between two key contributors to the community. The sponsorship agreement marks the beginning of an exciting partnership.

Under the agreement, Vestri’s women’s, men’s, and youth teams will proudly wear Kerecis-branded jerseys throughout the summer season. Furthermore, Vestri’s home field will be called “Kerecis-Stadium,” symbolizing the unity and shared vision between the two entities.

Samúel Samúelsson, from Vestri FC, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating that 2024 marks a turning point for Vestri. The club is set to compete in the men’s Premier League for the first time, simultaneously fielding a women’s team for the first time since 2013. The club’s youth development initiatives are thriving, and anticipation for the upcoming summer season is high. Samúelsson highlighted the significant costs of these endeavors, particularly in travel, and expressed deep gratitude for Kerecis’s generous support.

Guðmundur Fertram, CEO and Founder of Kerecis, emphasized the company’s deep connection to Ísafjörður, where Kerecis’s heart beats. Recognizing Vestri as a local community pillar, Fertram highlighted the club’s recent successes as a positive force for Vestfjörður.

“Our heart beats in Ísafjörður, and Vestri’s achievements are symbolic of Ísafjörður’s rise in recent years, with flourishing businesses, a growing population, and a thriving social life. Kerecis is committed to playing an active role in strengthening the community in its hometown, aligning with Vestri’s mission, and contributing to the overall prosperity of the region.”

– Fertram Sigurjonsson, CEO and founder of Kerecis.