Sponsorship Policy

Community, Conservation, and Innovation

Kerecis is a committed member of the community, dedicated to endorsing socially responsible initiatives with a clear focus. Our all-encompassing sponsorship approach, named “Community, Conservation, and Innovation,” highlights our dedication to nurturing positive transformation and development within our local area, promoting ecological sustainability, and advancing technological innovation.

Sponsorship Sectors

1. Local Community Engagement (Westfjords, Iceland)
Objective: To nurture social participation and enrich the cultural and environmental landscape of the Icelandic Westfjords.
Focus Areas: Sports, Arts, Social Initiatives, Community Development.

2. Sustainability and Arctic Ocean Conservation
Objective: To support initiatives that contribute to the preservation and understanding of the Arctic environment and its unique ecosystem.
Focus Areas: Projects addressing Arctic issues, with a special emphasis on oceanic sustainability.

3. Innovation in Iceland
Objective: As Iceland’s first Unicorn company, Kerecis aims to inspire and support the next generation of Icelandic innovators and entrepreneurs.
Focus Areas: Projects demonstrating or promoting innovation and creative concepts, innovative thinking, and entrepreneurship to drive progress and positive change.

Application Process

Interested parties apply for sponsorship via www.kerecis.com/sponsorship
The application must include all relevant information necessary for Kerecis to evaluate it and should contain the following details:

1. Project Description: A detailed explanation of the project, its goals, and expected impact.

2. Applicant Introduction: This section should provide information about the applicant, including details about the individual seeking support and/or the organization involved.

3. Alignment with Kerecis’ Values: Clearly articulate how your project aligns with our sponsorship policy themes: community engagement, environmental sustainability, or innovation.

Funding Details
Kerecis’ total sponsorship budget may vary annually.
Individual sponsorship amounts will be determined based on the project’s scope and impact potential.

Evaluation Criteria
Applications will be evaluated based on their relevance to the chosen sector, potential for positive impact, feasibility, and alignment with Kerecis’ values and goals.

Reporting and Accountability
Sponsored projects are required to provide regular progress reports. This ensures transparency and allows Kerecis to evaluate the ongoing impact and success of the

Kerecis is dedicated to making a meaningful difference in the Westfjords and beyond. We believe in the power of community, the importance of sustainable practices, and the
potential of innovative ideas to shape a better future.