The 100% Fish Project

100% Fish

Kerecis is dedicated to sustainability. We’re passionate about reducing our environmental impact and proudly endorse initiatives that resonate with our values. The 100% Fish Project is a shining example of Iceland’s dedication to sustainable fishing, championing the comprehensive utilization of harvested fish to combat waste and foster value. We are proud to be a part of it.

What is the 100% fish project all about?

The 100% Fish Project by the Iceland Ocean Cluster aims to inspire the seafood industry and communities to use more of each fish, by decreasing its waste while simultaneously increasing its value, supporting new business opportunities, and generating employment.

Iceland’s success in achieving utilization of 100% fish is a result of better processing, handling, and ongoing research and development effort

100 % fish

What products contribute to the 100% fish?

The 100% Fish project presents various products made from Icelandic fish. Companies within the Icelandic Ocean Cluster develop supplements, proteins, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and other high-value products from different parts of the fish. This is in contrast to more traditional usage which focused solely on the supply of seafood. As a result, Iceland is witnessing significant innovation in the utilization of fish, leading to the creation of novel products.

In Iceland, the economy is experiencing the emergence of cutting-edge health, pharmaceutical, and even fashion products derived from sustainable wild fish stock, including groundfish and lobster. This presents a unique opportunity as Icelanders actively seek ways to extract greater value from each fish, and the outcomes are evident. For example, this project’s efforts have resulted in extracting at least 30% more value from each Atlantic Cod (Gadus morhua) compared to most other developed countries.

How does Kerecis contribute to this project?

Kerecis has developed a unique, patent-pending biological skin substitute using fish skin. This innovative method involves utilizing intact acellular fish skin to facilitate tissue regeneration for the treatment of wounds, burns, and other complex acute and chronic wounds including diabetic, venous, trauma, and surgical wounds.

In contrast to tissue-transplant products derived from human and other mammalian tissues, the fish-skin-based technology offers enhanced economic and clinical performance, along with no known risk of virus transfer and no cultural constraints in its usage.

100% Fish nominated for Earthshot Prize

The Iceland Ocean Cluster’s innovative project, “100% Fish,” has been nominated for The Earthshot Prize 2024. This esteemed award, established by Prince William, recognizes outstanding initiatives addressing environmental challenges and driving positive change for our planet.

The Earthshot Prize serves as a global platform to accelerate solutions for the world’s most urgent environmental problems. The 2024 prize year is dedicated to inspiring and honoring extraordinary initiatives aligned with the Earthshot Goals, including “Protect and Restore Nature,” a category exemplified by “100% Fish.”

The earthshot prize

What parts of the fish is being utilized and by which companies?

Quality Seafood

Iceland is home to multiple seafood companies and alternative marine product companies. Primarily focused on the supply of fish fillets, the major seafood companies in Iceland are close partners with the Iceland Ocean Cluster. Such companies include Brim, UR Seafood, and Skinney-Þinganes.


There are various producers in Iceland that produce and export canned cod liver and paté. They include Lýsi, Akraborg, Triton, and iCan.


A number of Icelandic companies have been developing creams and cosmetics from enzymes and omega-3 oils that come from seafood. They include Feel Iceland, Primex, and Benecta.

Smoked & Dried Fish

Nutritional cod heads, bones, and whole fish can be both dried and smoked. Dried fish (Harðfiskur) has been a staple in Icelandic diets for centuries. Feed the Viking produces what they call “fish jerky”, a dried fish snack. Bifröst Foods have developed a snack called fish and chips – and more.

Medical Products

There are a number of high value bioactive compounds present within, or are derived from seafood, including peptides, collagen, chitin and chitosan, enzymes and biopolymers. Companies developing medical products from seafood are Kerecis, Lipid Pharmaceuticals, 3Z Pharmaceuticals, and Zymetech.

Fish Leather

Nordic Fish Leather is an Icelandic tannery which is a leading manufacturer of exotic leather from fish skins; salmon, perch, wolffish and cod each with its own unique character, in a diverse range of colors, texture and finishes.

Roe & Milt

The companies Royal Iceland, Triton, Vignir G. Jónsson (Brim), and ORA specialize in roe production. They produce a wide range of products from various types of roe; from capelin, lumpfish, herring, cod, saithe, salmon etc.

Supplements / Nutraceuticals

Companies like Benecta, Primex, Iceprotein ehf., Marine Collagen ehf, Ölgerðin and Feel Iceland, Codland, and Steðji and many more are producing drinks, protein, supplements, and nutraceuticals from fish.

Omega-3 Oil

Cod liver oil is extracted from the livers of the Atlantic cod. It is commonly taken as a dietary supplement and is packed full of nutrients. It is one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA), and it contains relatively high amounts of vitamin A and vitamin D. Companies include Lýsi, Dropi, Margildi, and Codland.

Technological Solutions

There are also many companies offering technological solutions for the full utilization of the fish. For example, there are automated fish drying solutions such as those supplied by Samey; solutions that cut, clean, and split heads, tongues, and cheeks, including Mesa and Curio; Skaginn’s 3X increasing value to mince solution; Beltir with a solution that separates the roe from the fish; Curio with a skinning technology; Héðinn with fish meal and fish oil technology production; Mesa with a method that separates the loin from the fish frame, and Martak, which offers liver processing solutions.