When a skin substitute may be needed


The American Burn Association estimates that 1.1 million people suffer burns annually in the United States, with approximately 45,000 requiring hospitalization. Severe burns are life-threatening injuries that require immediate surgical intervention. Frequently, this involves temporary coverage of the wounds with cadaver skin or synthetic dressings to prevent infection and dehydration because there are no full-thickness skin substitutes commercially available for the treatment of burns. Permanent closure of the wound is generally accomplished through split thickness skin autografting after the wound bed is sufficiently stable so that it will accept the transplanted tissue. Although this regimen is the standard of care for severe burns, serious drawbacks to this approach include the limited availability of and potential for pathogen transmission from cadaver skin. Painful donor site wounds created during autograft surgery, coupled with scarring in many instances is also another serious drawback. Although the healing process of the burn wound progresses in a fashion like other wounds, there is a large interplay of systemic factors in this process.

Kerecis has an ongoing commitment to advancing management of burn care. This is in part achieved through our burn research program funded by the U.S. Department of Defense, with a large clinical trial and the pipeline. This trial will be looking critically at both the temporizing an autograph-sparing effect of Kerecis Omega3 GraftGuide.

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