Fishing for Innovation: The Use of Fish Skin in Plastic Reconstructive Surgery

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Kerecis hosted a pre-recorded panel webinar with Dr. Jeremy Tan, MD, Dr. Tobias Long, M.D., and Dr. Gregory Borah, MD. This webinar features the benefits of Kerecis’ fish-skin grafts in Plastics. In addition to the science of Kerecis’ Fish-Skin, the physicians discuss their cases including ophthalmic plastic procedures, breast reconstruction, and donor site procedures.

There is a Q&A with our Medical Affairs Team to answer questions from this webinar.


February 14 - February 14, 2024


  • SpeakerDr. Jeremy TanMD
  • SpeakerDr. Jeremy TanMD
  • SpeakerDr. Gregory BorahMD, DMD, FACS

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