June is Wound Healing Awareness Month

June is Wound Care Awareness Month

Every June, it is Wound Healing Awareness month. The reason for this month of awareness is to learn more about and support those who live with persistent wounds. One foundation that is helping raise awareness is the American Board of Wound Management (ABWM). Throughout June, they spread awareness through their WHAM program.

On their website, they have resources and educational material so that you can learn more about wound care and the Wound Healing Awareness Month. Another group who spread awareness for Wound Care Awareness Month is the UHS (Universal Health Service).

Many people suffer from these types of wounds. According to the UHS, in the United States there are around seven million people suffering from chronic wounds. (Chronic wounds as defined by the American Association for Family Physicians or AAFP are wounds that “do not progress through a normal, orderly, and timely sequence of repair”). Additionally, of those seven million in the United States who are suffering from chronic wounds, two million people are living with diabetic foot ulcers. 

According to the National Library of Medicine there are between one and a half and two million people throughout Europe who suffer from chronic wounds. According to the EU´s Community Research and Development Information Service (CORDIS) there are around 55 million people in Europe who suffer from diabetes; of this 55 million, around eight million (or around 14.5%) are at risk of developing a diabetic foot ulcer.

Wound Care Facts:

A wound is considered chronic when it fails to progress adequately after a three-month period.

Wound care is important because it prevents infection and other complications, it also speeds up the healing process and causes less scarring.


When is Wound Healing Awareness Month?

It is in June every year.

What is the goal of wound care?

The goal of wound care is to heal an affected area without infection from microbes.

What is the difference between Wound Healing Awareness Month and Wound Care Awareness Week?

Wound Healing Awareness Month is the entire month of June, while Wound Care Awareness Week only takes place between June 7th and June 11th; Wound Care Awareness Week also has been celebrated for a longer amount of time, with 2022 being its 8th year.

What is the ABWM?

The ABWM or American board of wound management, is a nonprofit based out of Washington DC that works to increase the amount of people who are certified wound care specialists. They also focus on providing education and research about wound care.