Riding the Waves to Recovery: 74-Year-Old Water Skier Beats Skin Cancer with Innovative Surgery

Barry Harrison, 74 years old former professional water skier, came for a skin cancer check-up. A small dot on his left cheek turned out to be basal cancer that had spread throughout his whole left cheek area. Dr. O’Quinn and Courtney Aldridge, had the challenging task of giving Barry his handsome looks back..

Barry is a unique and inspiring character, the kind you don’t encounter daily. We met him as he returned to the South Texas Skin Cancer Center in San Antonio for a follow-up on his condition. Barry has been an avid water skier and sports enthusiast all his life. He remains active, stating, “I’m only 74 years old, and I plan on waterskiing until they put me in the box.”

A Routine Check-up Unveils a Dangerous Reality

Years of exposure to the intense Texan sun led to sun damage, culminating in basal skin cancer in 2022. Thankfully, he sought timely help and was lucky to meet Dr. O’Quinn and Courtney Aldridge at the South Texas Skin Cancer Center.

Barry was reassured when Dr. O’Quinn recommended using Kerecis products, also used in the burn ward of Brooke Army Medical Center. “If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me,” Barry reasoned, trusting Dr. O’Quinn’s judgment.

Achieving Aesthetic Success: The Remarkable Cosmetic Outcome

Courtney recalls what appeared to be a tiny basal cell on his left cheek turned out to be much larger. The surgery revealed a substantial lesion, nearly covering his entire cheek. To manage the wound bed after surgery, the team used Kerecis Micro, which was designed to fill uneven wound surfaces seamlessly. “We chose Kerecis Micro because it nicely filled the entire perimeter of the wound, allowing us to gradually and effectively manage the wound repair,” they explained.

After a minor revision, Barry achieved an excellent cosmetic result, impressing many with the quality of the outcome.

Dr. O’Quinn and Courtney Aldridge are experienced in using Kerecis products for surgical applications, often achieving great cosmetic results and high patient satisfaction.

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I’m only 74 years old and I plan skiing until they put me in the box.

Barry Harrison

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