Stand-up Comedian Back on His Feet

Frank Torres and Dr. Angela Akin success story

Stand-up comedian Frank Torres went from being in a wheelchair to being back on stage, thanks to Dr. Angela Akin using Kerecis intact fish skin.

It started as a scratch on his leg but within a short time it got bigger and turned into a sore. This is all too familiar to millions of Americans today.

Frank has a peripheral artery disease which causes narrowing or blockage of the vessels that carry blood from the heart to his legs, which inhibits natural healing of wounds.

The wounds kept getting worse and deeper and it was eating into his leg he said.

“I went from hard working, doing 15 hours a day and doing standup comedy as well, to living my life in a wheelchair” says Frank.

Then Frank met Dr. Angela Akin during his wound care, who in Frank’s view, saved his life. Dr. Akin explained that it was going to be a big challenge to get his skin to grow over his whole lower leg again as his wounds were stubborn and hard to heal “but thankfully we got access to Kerecis”, says Dr. Akin. 

According to Dr. Akin his wounds were furthermore stubborn and hard to heal “but thankfully we got access to Kerecis” she adds.

“I didn’t know if I was ever going to be a comedian again, if I was ever going on stage again” Frank said.

After a few week of coming to see Dr. Akin, she prepared Frank’s wound for application of the intact fish skin by debriding it, which removed any necrotic tissue and created a bloody wound bed. 

“When I saw that Kerecis (intact fish skin) was starting to work, every time I went to wound care and I saw my leg different from the picture I took a week ago, it gave me hope that I was going to have a normal life again.” Frank recalls.

“For Frank, Kerecis blew it out of the water (not to use a pun…) Kerecis was perfect for Frank and got the job done for him”, Dr. Akin says with a big smile and adds “Today Frank is doing great, he is back to his funny self, cracking much more jokes than he used to”.

Frank is now back on stage, regularly performing at local comedy clubs in Austin Texas and the audience seem to agree with Dr Akin.

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“The biggest thing for me is knowing that I am going to have a life back on stage again.”

– Frank Torres

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